Uganda:safety or sexual abuse -officers be groping boobies of fans

Police in Uganda perform ‘body searches’ on female fans entering the stadium to watch the game. Your thoughts? Is this still about safety, or its now sexual abuse, cause it looks like some male officers be groping boobies of fans here, and touching them in funny secret places.

Simon Nyamanhare Things are happening, “its a lawful sexual harassment” i call it lawful because if these innocent women are to report where can i buy plavix this indecent assault they will see the same culprits in charge at the charge office.



Last Macalas “If the searching is conducted by a female officer,its ok but if a male officer does that it becomes indecent assault as defined by the criminal law”


Stanza Coolmose “in South Africa that is against the law, I don’t know in Uganda. what does their constitution says”?



2 thoughts on “Uganda:safety or sexual abuse -officers be groping boobies of fans

  1. hiraab

    Askarigan gabdhaha taatabanaya ee baadhaya waa askariyad dumar ah maaha nin

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